5 influencers who will inspire your outfits

5 influencers who will inspire your outfits

In need of some outfit inspiration? I share with you 5 of my favorite influencers who inspire me the most! From Korean Streetwear to elegant and feminine styles, you might want to check out this amazing ladies for inspiration for your everyday outfits and more!

Aimee Song from the blog Song of Style

A feminine & stylish style

I am in love with Aimee's style. She has a very feminine yet very stylish way of putting outfits together. She is extremely creative and you will find her very fun if you follow her Instagram! If you want a feminine style with a lot of trendy pieces, you will find inspiration in Aimee's looks for sure. She just came out with her own brand on Revolve, and you can buy her collection and wear her style. I am very sad that her pieces are so expensive though! I really wanted to buy at least one thing, but everything is too expensive for me in the end. Oh, well, I can still find similar clothes at Zara or on Asos (of course not the same quality, but hey, I'm cheap!). 

Victoria from the blog InTheFrow

A very elegant & timeless style

Victoria is the definition of elegance! She just looks like a ballerina to me. Her style is very chic and timeless. If you need some inspiration for building your personal style, I feel like looking at Victoria's style is a good idea, especially for the timeless aspect of her style. If you read her blog, you will find that she is a truly inspiring person. She does write blog post giving lifestyle advice and I find that it's very easy to start reading one of her posts and find yourself an hour later, still reading her blog!

Qjin and Qwon from the Youtube Channel Q2WAN

A Korean streetwear style

Sprinkle, sprinkle unicorn dandruff! Qjin and Qwon are the most stylish twins ever (yeah, I consider Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen less stylish.) They are from Korea and their style is Korean Streetwear. On their youtube channel, you can essentialy find fashion videos. If you are a fan of K-pop, the twins regularly post videos where they recreate the style of Korean idols. Even if you are not a fan of Korean Streetwear, I still advise you watch their videos because: 1) they are so funny and cute, 2) they have such a unique and creative style that you should get inspired by them anyway!

Rachel Martino with her Instagram @rachmartino

A feminine and cute style

If you love Disney, if you love princesses, if you love cuteness and feminine styles: Rachel Martino's Instagram is where you need to look for inspiration. From gorgeous princess dresses to feminine everyday outfits, Rachel will inspire you to add a bit of glamour into every one of your looks. AND she recreates Disney characters looks, as well as Harry Potter looks, and tons of other characters that she loves! You might also want to follow her Instagram for the positive vibe that it gives off. Her feed makes it look like she lives in an enchanted world!

Andrea Chong with her Instagram @dreachong

An effortless chic style

Andrea is so pretty and she looks amazing in pretty much anything. I feel like she could rock a trash bag as an outfit if she wanted to! Her looks always look put together yet they look effortless. I'm sure she takes time to put her outfits together and everything, but it doesn't look like it. She looks graceful and beautiful and she will inspire you to be more effortless and natural looking. At least she makes me want to look amazing without makeup and thus inspires me to put more effort into my skincare routine.

Who are your favorite influencers for outfit inspiration? 


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