There is so much more to France than just Paris

There is so much more to France than just Paris

I don't think I have said it anywhere on the internet but I don't like Paris that much. At least I don't like living near Paris. And it's funny because people who were not born in the region, when they come to live to Paris, they love it and they become a stereotype of the Parisian woman/ people (aka they eat brunch and they wear expensive trendy Parisian clothes and they have a certain type of furniture in their tiny appartement : they are all the same, it's very funny).

I guess that it's because they come from regions where you have a lot less "exciting" and social places. 

In Paris you have everything you want: except for a calm and stress-free life. 

What life looks like in Paris : you take the metro, you go to work and you take the metro back home and you sleep (and repeat). On the weekend, if you are a Parisian stereotype, you go take a brunch on Sundays and you go to the bar with friends on Saturday nights... 

That's not what I do, I do not live in the city of Paris and I don't enjoy the Parisian way of life. I love Paris to go to museums, to visit a monument or for cultural things like that.

I have been asked if I wanted to move to Paris and I said no because it is dirty, and it is noisy, the people are not nice, and it is way too expensive for me. The appartements are extremely small and overpriced! I am claustrophobic, for gods sake! 

If you want to visit France, you must know that there is so much more than the city of Paris. So many little villages that are extremely pretty. Where not only it is beautiful but it is peaceful as well. Where the people are not rude because they are not stressed because of work. Where you can walk in the street as a woman and not get catcalled.

The photos that are in this post are not from Paris, they are pics that I took at a village near my boyfriend's place. He lives very near Fontainebleau. You should visit the Palace of Fontainebleau by the way, you can see it here and here. The village on the photos is called Moret-sur-Loing and it is such a nice place to visit in Spring and Summer.

Think about these kind of places when planning your trip to France, Paris is a nice city to visit, but you might want to travel a bit further in the country because you will find beautiful places!

Have you ever been to France? Do you want more blog posts about France and the nice places to visit here?


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